Animat – While you were away

There’s something quietly lovely about a new release from Animat that lets you know everything’s OK in the world of ambient funk and dubstep grooviness. They’ve continued to releases their own style of music for over ten years now, and they just get better and better. This release is on Disco Gecko, a label initially set up to release music by Toby Marks under his Banco de Gaia guise, which if you aren’t aware of their music, you should remedy forthwith. It is a match made in heaven that’s been waiting to happen for years, as the sound of Animat sits perfectly within the set up of this label. There are two new tracks on the EP, plus a remix by North American ambient legend DF Tram, where he inserts a selection of samples by George W Bush of all people, to give the track a new slant. Excellent stuff from the ever reliable and consistent Animat. Long may they float my ambient boat. 8/10


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