Yung – These Thoughts are Like Mandatory Chores

With recent EP Alter turning many heads in the alternative music scene, we have another six tracks from an exciting young new(ish) band from Denmark who seem to have a way of combining melody with a good old punk sound, circa 1975. I knew they’d produce something I enjoyed listening to when I discovered that 21-year-old lead player Mikkel Holm Silkjær called his first band The Young Achievers. Anyone who references The Big Lebowski in their band name achieves an automatic play in this house. The sound is raw and exciting and unsophisticated, but they do have the knack of being able to play a decent tune, and made me hit the repeat button several times on a few of their songs. Stand-out tune for me on the mini-album is ‘Blue Uniforms’. An impressive slice of Danish Punk, sure to make you go back for another bite.


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