The Ramona Flowers – Dismantle and Rebuild

Review of The Ramona Flowers’ new album, ‘Dismantle and Rebuild’.

This is an album that is made to be remixed. That’s not saying it isn’t good as it is, there’s just so much you could do with it. Indeed, through a spout of vigorous touring, the band have drawn the attention from the likes of Alt-J, Hot Chip and Everything Everything – all of whom have offered remixes. Spanning genres and meshing together electronica and indie-pop in a way reminiscent of Portishead and The XX, ‘Dismantle and Rebuild’ has a sublime edge to it, dark at times as with ‘Modern World’, then uplifting at others as with the aptly named, ‘Brighter’.

This is a solid debut that is begging to be played around with. Trust us, The Ramona Flowers will be all over the festival season like mud on a welly boot.

7/10 Rachel Heward

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