The Moons – Mindwaves

Review of The Moons’ third album, Mindwaves.

Mindwaves gets off to a rocketing start from the onset with, ‘Luna’ – whose orchestral undertones blend with the roll of tribal drums and a psychedelic guitar riff. Continuing on par, the next few tracks offer an astounding mix of rock ‘n’ roll vibes whilst layering catchy yet well-crafted lyrics on top of strings, a rhythmic pounding of drums and the odd trumpet.

Top tracks would definitely be the Bowie-esque ‘Heart and Soul’, the lively ‘Fever’ and the wonderfully kaleidoscopic ‘You Can’t Slow Me Down’ – pay attention to the ending of this one in particular.

‘Mindwaves’ had a lot to live up to after the critically acclaimed ‘Life On Earth’ and ‘Fables of History’, not to mention the Paul Weller connections and obvious influence that has seeped its way into The Moons’ records. Undoubtedly though, this is a triumphant third.

9/10 Rachel Heward

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