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The Last Vinci – The Last Vinci

The Last Vinci album review.

Italian music. Pavarotti type figures stood in grand opera houses, with waxed moustaches and a deep understanding of musical scales and harmony, right? The concept of Italian rock and roll is probably enough to inspire a muttered ‘tha what?’ from a Sheffield music audience. This record from The Last Vinci shows that, when it comes to high-octane rock, the Italians certainly know the score. The vocals initially provide a welcome departure from the typical whiny, nasally, American sound we’re used to hearing from modern-day rock bands (see Good Charlotte, etc.) – but they begin to grate when the guitars and drums take a back seat. The best tracks on the album are ‘Follow Your Order’ & ‘Damned’ – when the music is so loud and raucous you can’t hear yourself think. That said, the cover of Billy Bragg’s, ‘You Make Me Brave’ is an enjoyable stripped back moment – in an album which only makes sense when it causes the blood to pump in your ears.

5.5/10 Joe Food

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