The Fratellis – Soul Crush

Album review of Soul Crush, by The Fratellis.

Whatever happened to The Fratellis, eh? After the roaring success of their first album, they later became one of those 2006 fads which people kind of forgot about afterwards: like Motorola phones or happy-slapping.
Think about it. One minute dance floors are literally packed with bellends (myself included) pumping their arms in the air to Chelsea Dagger singing, and I quote, “der-der-der-der-der-der-der-der” – despite it being the worst song on what was a hugely enjoyable rock ‘n’ roll record.
Apparently they’ve released two albums since then, both of which slipped completely under my radar. Not necessarily out of choice, probably more because I was too busy listening to The Arctics in 2008 when Here We Stand was released, then too busy hating Bastille when We Need Medicine came out last October.
Anyway, when I heard that The Fratellis were a) still going, and b) releasing a free EP to thank fans for their support, I was interested in finding out what their shtick was nowadays.
Turns out that their current shtick isn’t much different to the light-hearted rockabilly shtick which they flaunted eight years previously (apologies for the repeated usage of shtick – it’s just a great word). The first track They Go Down is a frenetic, fast paced country-rock track, which leaves the listener gasping for a breather after four minutes of hectic guitar bashing.
Thankfully, a slight reprieve comes in the form of second track Oh Scarlett. It’s a simple blues-rock ballad, perfectly suited to Jon Fratelli’s dishevelled vocals and very easy on the ears.
Soul Crush is another simple, yet enjoyable and energetic rock song. None of these tracks will really grab you by the nads, but it demonstrates how The Fratellis, after almost a decade, still manage to create fun, accessible rock music. I might even give their latest album a nudge!

6/10 Joe Food

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