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St Vincent – St Vincent

I always love it when, several albums into their career, and artist feels confident enough to release a self-titled album.

Most often it means they’ve finally found the confidence in their music to let it all speak for itself. It’s their, ‘this is me, tale it or leave it’ album, and so it is now with Annie Clark, better known as St Vincent. She’s from Tulsa, Oklahoma, was once part of the Polyphonic Spree, and has played as part of Sufjan Stevens band, which is a sure fire way to endear herself to me and this is for me her breakthrough album. There confidence of these songs and the edginess of the sound is astonishing. These songs will not be played in the background at your next dinner party; they demand to be heard loud and proud. Throughout the album, there’s a thread of questioning our identity and the way we see ourselves. Some of us share every aspect of our lives in this Facebook/Instagram dominated world, and tracks such as ‘Digital Witness’ clearly demonstrate this. “If I can’t show it, if you can’t see me, what’s the point of doing anything?” she asks. On top of this, she’s a fearsome and inventive guitar player, and with the expertly arranged rhythmic use of synthesisers and percussion these tracks combine to give one of the most satisfying albums I’ve heard in a long while. It’s a long way off, but this will feature in many a best-of list come then end of the year, believe you me.

8/10 Mark Perkins

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