Slow Club- Complete Surrender

Sheffield duo Slow Club have released their highly anticipated third studio album Complete Surrender – and Exposed are happy to report that it’s an absolute delight.

When you think about it, being a band with just two members sounds like quite a difficult thing to do, but there’s something strangely unique and alluring to the sound which Slow Club have expertly manufactured. This two-piece from Sheffield have been turning heads since their second album Paradise was released in 2011 – whilst more recently their latest single Suffering Me, Suffering You managed to get plenty of DJ’s all giddy – resulting in the airplay they deserve.
Starting the album off is ‘Tears of Joy – a wonderfully laid back, relaxing tune that could easily send you to sleep – that’s not to say it’s boring or anything – it’s wonderfully ambient and almost manages to put you into a soulful trance.

In fact, most of the album continues in the same chillaxed fashion. There’s the occasional more upbeat track though, such as ‘The Pieces’ – a track which tantalisingly pulls you across the emotional spectrum.

I’ll be honest, this sort of music ain’t my usual cup of tea – but Rebecca’s ghostly vocals, combined with Charles’ ambient style, at times is so incredible I can honestly say that I’ve been converted.

8/10 Kieran Wade

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