Shammi Pithia – Cosmic

Review of Shammi Pithia’s second album, Cosmic.

Creative composer and producer, Shammi Pithia, releases his second album to an eager British fan-base after impressive performances at Glastonbury, The Great Escape, London Mela and BT London Live. Through the use of deep beats, piano, chords, percussions, melodies, and beautifully evocative vocals (see track ‘Under The Stars’), Shammi forges soundscapes which render the listener feeling as though they’re moving through a cerebral art gallery, inspecting and getting a feel of each piece before being whisked away to another. Good electronica can make the mind vaguely drift to another place, whereas this album carefully transports you there, encases you in its culture for a few moments, let’s you make up your own mind – then gently nudges you elsewhere.

7/10 Joe Food

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