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Rumer – Into Color

There’s absolutely no denying that Sarah Joyce, AKA Rumer, has a voice so soft it’s comparable to velvet and honey. Her comparisons to the vocal talent of Karen Carpenter are justified, and her new album ‘Into Color’ does well to show off those silky-smooth talents.

Unfortunately, Rumer’s arrangements are considerably duller than that of The Carpenters; less flamboyant and cheaper. The first track ‘Return of The Blackbird’ is pleasant and sweet-sounding, but as soon as you hit the 70s cheese vibes of second track ‘Dangerous’, the album begins to dwindle.

Rumer has said that each song “is tinged with sadness”, so it’s expected that there would be some pretty heavy, lovey dovey songs. However, the lyrics are admittedly obvious, and often a little cringe-worthy. Track four, ‘You Just Don’t Know People’, is riddled with clichéd lines, making it difficult not to cringe yourself to death the whole five minutes.

Saying that, Butterfly is the stand-out track on the album. Simply composed, with pure vocals and piano, the track is painfully honest and sounds wonderful. It’s stripped-back, certainly the direction Rumer should be going in.

The album is repetitive, full of clichés, and ultimately very dull. It probably does have a purpose…when turned down low as background music at a dinner party.

Emily Beaumont 5/10

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