Paul Weller – A Kind Revolution

Canonized as the Modfather to the Britpop mob nearly two full decades after being anointed the most thrillingly articulate voice of incoherent youth since Townshend, Weller has continually faced the paradox of those who achieve longevity and stature: how to carry on when you’ve effectively nailed the zeitgeist for two different generations.

The answer, of course, is to keep on keeping on, something Weller has done throughout his career. It hasn’t all been golden –for every Wild Wood or 22 Dreams there’s a Heavy Soul – but A Kind Revolution is up there. Lead -off single ‘Long Long Road’ seems incongruously smooth until one remembers that from the bass-line intro and swelling Hammond of ‘A Town Called Malice’ through ‘You’re the Best Thing’ to now Weller has always had a fascination with old school R n’ B stylings. Dad rock it might be but eight children and 25 albums in there’s still enough lead in the pencil to make a mark.

AJ 8/10


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