Review: Evenfall – Andrew Heath

Andrew Heath is a composer and musician who has a fascination with the sound of the world around us. He samples and synthesises what he hears in the real world, and uses it to create his very own world of ambient music. Evenfall is the latest stage on Heath’s developing fascination with the mesmerising power of shifting sounds which at once seem familiar, but are always taking the listener somewhere new. This is not some new-age, ambient, ‘music for mediation’ – far from it. It has depth and subtly which reveals itself even more with repeated listening. He has collaborated on this release with Lydia Kenny who plays soprano saxophone and with vocalist Maria Stadnicka. The Lydia Kenny track, ‘The Still of Evenfall’, is for me the highlight of the album.

The gentle ebb and flow of the sounds are ingenious and ever more fascinating as the music gradually unfolds and develops. It is typical of all the music on this album in that it different elements of each piece feed off each other and develop and weaving into something that is a combination of music and sound. If you are a fan of Brian Eno or Harold Budd this is the album for you.

Words: Mark Perkins

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