Public Service Broadcasting – The Race For Space

Review of Public Service Broadcasting’s latest album, The Race For Space.

Public Service Broadcasting are certainly some sort of oddity; their music is entirely instrumental -with the only vocals coming from samples of public information and propaganda films. However, their debut album Inform-Educate-Entertain did exceed all expectations, reaching a respectable number 21 in the UK album charts.

Their new LP, The Race For Space, combines techno with historically important films from the BFI, PSB when the USA and USSR fought to gain the upper hand in a new frontier – space. The result is trippy as hell, but as good a trip there is.

Race For Space takes you on a journey with each song possessing a completely different vibe. The feel of the album is often quite haunting, with the occasional welcomed outburst of complete bloomin’ funkiness. Definite stand-out track of the album is Go!

An admirable trait of Public Service Broadcasting is their ability to pick up elements of musicality in these broadcasts, and perfectly pair the emotion of the words spoken with music. The album takes the listener on one hell of a journey, from take-off with the opening title track, and returning to earth with closing track Tomorrow. The result is futuristic music, tinged with elements of nostalgia. Groovy stuff!

8/10 Emily Beaumont

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