Oscar – Cut and Paste

Review of ‘Cut and Paste’, the debut album from north London artist Oscar.

I must admit, the whole ‘edgy art student making lo-fi pop from his bedroom’ shtick didn’t convince me that Oscar was here to stay. You’d be forgiven for thinking – as I did – that the north Londoner was destined more for the scrapheap of flash-in-the-pan, hipster hype acts rather than any sort of genuine foray into the realms of British pop prodigy. And I dropped a bit of a bollock there, truth be told. This debut album is an infectious summer pop triumph, with its DIY origins giving the record a beautifully unkempt feel as it cracks and fizzes through the ten tracks. His deep vocal sound encompasses shades of a baritone Damon Albarn, delivered with a Morrissey-like croon and supplemented with a Jarvis Cocker-esque lyrical influence, eternally tortured by love and social anxieties – ‘I’m the worst thing that you’ll ever know // pick me up then let me go’ – are the first lines which greet the listener in upbeat, neo-Britpop opener ‘Sometimes’. Other album highlights include the rambunctious ‘Breaking My Phone’, shimmering sing-along ‘Daffodil Days and a dreamy collaboration with Marika Hackman in ‘Only Friend’. This is fuzzy indie-pop at its best, perfect for lazing around to over the British summer.


Cut and Paste is our via Witchita Recordings on May 13th


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