Metronomy – Summer ’08

Despite being a four-piece band when they play live, Metronomy is really Joe Mount, and on Summer ‘08 he’s in a reflective mood, as he looks back on the success he’s achieved under that name since 2008, when he first landed an album deal and released Nights Out. Since then their popularity has steadily grown until their fourth album, Love Letters received such universal acclaim that their popularity suddenly went through the roof. Success comes at a price though, as any successful artist will tell you, and he has publicly stated that we shouldn’t expect the usual ‘tour to support the album’ scenario to kick in. It seems he has regretted missing key moments in his young sons’ lives as he chased success over the last eight years. He’s still concerned, though, that his music continues to be ‘out there’, and this is his attempt both to keep the fans happy, and to develop his musical style. It’s his most mature outing, as you could probably have predicted, given his feelings about the effect that the music business has had on him. There are highlights aplenty, and great pop-tunes wherever you look. ‘Mick Slow’, with its Bowie-esque treatment, ‘Hang Me Out To Dry’, a duet with Robyn, the Swedish electro-pop superstar and ‘Old Skool’, which you’ll have certainly heard as it was the first single from the album. Metronomy are back, and are still moving on.


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