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Inspiral Carpets – Inspiral Carpets

Review of Inspiral Carpets’ self-titled album.

Inspiral Carpets are back. What’s more, they’re on form – with this absolutely stellar album.

Generally popular during the outburst of the brit-pop scene during the early to mid-90’s, Inspiral Carpets decided to go on a lengthy hiatus until 2003, in which they did bits and bobs here and there, Now, they’re finally releasing their fourth studio album.

‘Monochrome’ leads the charge, which reminds us just why these guys belong firmly in the brit-pop realm, giving off vibes that take you straight back to the 90’s. Track 5 – ‘Calling Out To You’ sounds much like a combination of Joy Division and The Smiths, which isn’t a bad thing at all – in fact, it’s welcoming and provides excellent listening.

Some tracks are slower than others, giving a nice mix, but it’s always good to hear the faster upbeat stuff such as ‘Hey Now’ and ‘Our Time’. Finishing off the album is ‘Human Shield’ – which treats you to a montage of sounds that truly reflects the overall vibe of the record, providing the perfect ending.

9.5/10 Keiran Wade

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