David Gray – Mutineers

Review of David Gray’s latest album, Mutineers.

For me, listening to David Gray is more appealing as you get older – like having a girlfriend… or eating humus.

Cautiously pressing play I brace myself – expecting an imminent assault on the heartstrings – yet, surprisingly, the album begins in upbeat fashion with first track, ‘Back In The World’ – a simple, soulful track, perfectly appropriate for a dashboard-drumming driving playlist. But, fear not! Those expecting the melancholic, starry-eyed, ‘the one that got away’ shtick which Gray usually delivers will not be disappointed. Tracks, ‘Beautiful Agony’ and ‘Birds of the High Arctic ’ are testament to his prowess in emotive song-writing, and serve as passionate highlights in an album which flows beautifully, pulling the listener across a range of emotions and making you question why you thought he was such as douche in the first place. Relaxing and riveting in equal proportion – It looks like ‘Mutineers’ will receive plenty of this year’s loving.

7/10 Joe Food

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