Clean Bandit

Clean Bandit – New Eyes

Review of Clean Bandit’s debut album, New Eyes.

Pop music nowadays has gone rather stale. It’s about time someone came along and opened a rather large can of worms – and Clean Bandit may well have just done that.
New Eyes, the debut album from the British electronic group, provides a reassurance that there’s still some creativity left in the predictable world of pop music.
Innovative beats which draw upon classical and dance styles are exquisitely coupled with guest singers that offer a fresh sound on every track.
An unlikely pair up, but one the 4 piece band from Cambridge have bought together to create something pretty special.
Lead single Rather Be, the epitome of the record, and is sure to steal yours and everybody else’s speakers this summer.
Fresh, inventive and a kick up the backside to those in the genre, Clean Bandit have delivered a real cracker that will dominate festival playlists.

8/10 Lewis Mottram

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