Callaghan – A History Of Now

A History Of Now, the second album from Nashville-based singer-songwriter Callaghan, is vanilla flavoured, easy-listening country-pop.

The British-born songstress is no doubt a talented singer. Her soaring vocals carry the album well but the inoffensive arrangements and face-palmingly predictable lyrics make her vocally-and-musically-similar contemporary Taylor Swift’s new album seem like Revolver.

The record is filled with well-intended sentiments but as a result comes across as a collection of the sort of phrases teenage girls litter their social media pages with. The unpredictability of life and seizing the moment are a running theme throughout. Opener Crazy Beautiful Life couldn’t make you more set up for what’s to come with its message of ‘Here we go walking on sunshine every step taking our sweet time’ and ‘Noah’s Song’, a song for Callaghan’s recently born nephew, is something the young subject will most likely try and avoid his future school friends from hearing.

The fact that the album’s press release encourages you ‘not to miss the last song’ says a lot. For something so seemingly easy for one to make their way through, Callaghan’s new album is a true test of perseverance.

CG 5/10

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