Adamski – Revolt

Album review of Adamski’s Revolt.

Always remembered for the ground-breaking 90s dance hit ‘Killer’, Adamski shoots the scene into a new direction with a bass heavy revival of classical jazz music, resulting in the sound of what he terms ‘future waltz’. ‘Revolt’, Adamski’s newly released album, places itself at the cutting edge of electronic sound containing mixtures of grime, dubsteb and DnB amidst some welcome throwbacks to the 90s dance scene. The album sees a variation of contributors; from the delightful vocals of Shanki in ‘Golden Brown’ creating a soulful, soft-pop tone, to the stark contrast of dirty cockney swag in ‘London Dungeon’ with Congo Natty.

At times, Adamski delves into the political, with the album taking a lyrically controversial, slightly risky turn by spilling a religious tirade in the track ‘Boo Pope’. Controversial, yes, but it’s refreshing to listen to dance music which actually contains some type of message or meaning (take note, Calvin Harris). Despite a few weak tracks which may wash over the listener, this impressive collection, motivated by the history and rhythm of Waltz, introduces a flowing line up of chart-topping electronic sounds from the Godfather himself.

Laura Garner 6/10

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