Primal Scream – Chaosmosis

It’s no small feat to try and compare one Primal Scream album to another, as no two Scream albums sound alike. And Chaosmosis, the band’s eleventh studio album presents an interesting, more contemporary, take on Primal Scream’s unique brand of psychedelic-indie-techno. The production has been refined and the sound has been updated – not to true mainstream standards but a demonstrative example that Primal Scream can create a sound that sounds very modern, but remains unquestionably theirs. However, this alone does not make it a complete success: with a fairly lacklustre handful of songs dotted around the middle, the album risks losing its punch at points. Despite this, there’s an assortment of fantastic songs still on offer – ‘Golden Rope’ is a driving, head-nodder of a track boasting some special guitar work, and ‘Autumn in Paradise’ is a psychedelic, almost transcendental piece, much like some of the band’s earlier work on the likes of Screamedelica. ‘When The Blackout Meets The Fallout’ is a brief but intense track that earworms its way deep into the brain. All in all, this is by no means a bad album – it’s simply an experimental album. Granted, some of the experiments didn’t work too well and fall into mediocrity; but there remains a number of tracks here worthy of inclusion on future Scream setlists. TGF 7/10

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