A Quickie With… TRASH

Chesterfield’s dreamy indie-pop peddlers TRASH have a brand spanking EP heading your way this Friday. Exposed had a quick natter with lead singer Dan to see how things were shaping up ahead of the release. 

Eh up Dan. How are we diddling today? 
Hi mate. I think everyone’s alright. I’m in bed with a weird pain in my chest. Feel like I wanna yank my heart out and clean it a bit. I’m sure I’ll survive. If not then this will probably go viral.

The new EP drops later this week. Pretty stoked?
Yeah, I think I’ve used that word a few times in the past few days to express my excitement. Sitting on 20 minutes of music for a year and then finally being able to give it to whoever wants it. It’s just fun, innit?

We’ve had our appetites whetted with ‘Make Up Your Mind’, the single you performed for Sofar Sounds. There’s a bit of a ‘coming-of-age’ feel to it, with lyrics detailing the tricky transition from carefree adolescence into full-blown adulthood. Is this a recurring theme on the record?
I kinda made a conscious effort to write each song about a different thing. ‘Migraines’ is about hypochondriasis, ‘81’ is about fulfilment and not taking life for granted, ‘I’m No Good’ is about an odd girl I used to see, and ‘Favourite Song’ is about not getting caught up in the past and trying to lead a progressive lifestyle.

Musically, how do you feel you have grown as a band? 
I think we can play our instruments a bit better now? Emphasis on ‘think’. We probably have more patience compared to a few years ago when we’d just shout at each other instead of talking it through like mature adults. Fuck, I’m making it sound like we have issues. Basically, what I’m trying to say is we make the best music when we’re being nice to each other.

The following claims were made in a 2015 interview with Exposed: three of you were planning to eat less Maccies, you specifically were going to stop watching so much indecent material on the internet and Ev was going to start a family. How are we getting along with all of that? 
Yeah, it’s going alright. We’ve cut down from 40 nuggets to 20 now which we’re all really proud of. I only watch the foreplay scenes now instead of the super explicit parts and Evan’s got 6 kids: George, Michael, John, Lennon, Ziggy, and Stardust.

Why do you think the Made in Chelsea producers dig your tunes so much?
Probably because they’re like the TV show – average at best.

If you could pick any film or TV show for your music to soundtrack, what would you go for and which tracks would you pick?
‘Migraines’ would be the Loose Women theme song because it does my head in.

Finally, give the good people of Sheffield and further yonder a solid reason why they should check out the new TRASH EP on Aug 11th.
Because Scott from Clue Records’ flat is full of our vinyl and CDs and he currently has to take a running jump just to get to the sofa. So yeah, help him tidy up by heading to the TRASH website and getting a copy.

You heard the man –

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