Kate Tempest – Let Them Eat Chaos

To bring out an album of this calibre just two years since the Mercury-nominated Everybody Down is no easy feat in itself, but Let Them Eat Chaos isn’t the only project Kate Tempest has been working on in the interim – her debut novel, the Sunday Times Bestseller The Bricks That Built The Houses was published earlier this year to much acclaim. Add this to an award-winning collection of poetry and lauded live performances and you begin to build a picture of her creative prowess.

Let Them Eat Chaos continues in this vein, and is a heavily narrative-led album offering snapshots into the lives of seven strangers on a London street at exactly 4.18am one morning. Kate takes you through their lives, and their insomnia-induced reflections at that moment in time, acting as the omnipresent voice introducing each person before assuming their character as the beat kicks in and Kate does what she does best. What follows are short stories of addiction, desperation, isolation, gentrification and heartbreak, all wrapped up in perfectly-paced hip hop tracks; there’s the night-shift worker who can’t switch off, the mourning woman, the drug addict, the disillusioned young professional, the unrequited lover… Each song reveals Kate’s inimitable gift for writing the relatable, gritty every-day, tackling the big issues whilst focusing on the minute. It’s a sterling effort and far from the sophomore slump that can often come after such a strong debut.

8/10 RH


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