5 things we know about Pete Doherty’s new album

Five years since releasing his first solo album Grace/Wastelands and a number of personal ups and downs in-between, including a fruitful visit to a Thailand rehab centre, Pete Doherty has had plenty to dwell on ahead of Hamburg Demonstrations. Here are a few things we already know about the upcoming record.

1. It will feature a track written by Doherty as a teenager
One of the songs, ‘She Is Far’, will be of particular interest to early Libertines fans. It was written by Doherty before the band had even released a track, and despite a bootleg version doing the rounds online for the past 15 years, it has never been recorded in a studio until now. 586fa629b47eaed9e57e992a4514e780

2. It will be his most personal record to date
“I’m really inside these new songs. I believe in them,” Pete has said about the record. The album was worked on almost in secret, with no outside influence other than the odd creative input from Johann Scheerer [producer]. One of the eleven songs includes a reworked version of his tribute to friend Amy Winehouse, ‘Flags From The Old Regime’.

3. The album pretty much came out of nowhere
The meeting between Doherty and producer Johann Scheerer came from the singer not having a place to stay when Babyshambles played Hamburg in 2014. Schreeher said he could stay at his apartment if they could record something in the studio upstairs; Doherty had a few tracks he felt unsuitable for The Libertines or Babyshambles and the album started to take shape.


4. It is 100% Pete Doherty
Much of his work with The Libertines, Babyshambles and on Grace/Wastelands was co-written, but the material on Hamburg Demonstrations is completely solo. “There aren’t a lot of 100 percent Doherty compositions but this record is,” he said.

5. One of the songs was inspired by the Bataclan terror attacks
‘Hell to pay at the gates of Heaven’ was written following the 2015 attacks on Paris music venue The Bataclan. The song, which draws a dark parallel between young men putting their faith in music or religious ideology, contains the lyric ‘’Come on boys, choose your weapons / J-45 or an AK-47?’ – referencing the Gibson J-45, John Lennon’s favourite guitar.


Hamburg Demonstrations is out December 2nd. 

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