5 Minutes With Matthew E. White

We caught up with American songwriter, producer and founder of Spacebomb Records Matthew E. White ahead of his show at Plug on Tuesday January 26.

Was there ever a point in your musical career you look back on and pinpoint as the time you experienced the most growth as a musician?

Yeah, when I spent a day with Steven Bernstein. He opened the doors to everything that’s happened.

If you had signed for a major record label as opposed to starting up your own, do you feel elements of your work would have been altered in order to push you into more mainstream music?

Hard to say, I didn’t have that opportunity. Majors aren’t necessarily “bad” and indies aren’t necessarily “good”, everyone’s experience is different.

A lot of your tour dates take place in small venues. Would you ever aspire to sell out an arena, or do you feel smaller venues carry a certain intimacy and honesty that a larger venue could never emulate?

I would love to sell more tickets.

With that in mind, have there been any gigs that have been more memorable for you?

Sure, my first bigger show in London at QEH, our festival set at Primavera. A very small but incredible gig in Minneapolis. All those places were a perfect storm in one way or another.

You have previously remarked how you don’t really encourage audience participation at your gigs. Is there any particular reason for this?

I don’t like to use my position of “power” in the room to manipulate people or ask them to do something they may not want to.

Are there any artists that really stand out to you as being at the level you want to be, or creating the type of music you want to create?

The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Kendrick Lamar, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Frank Ocean.

Finally, after considering the effect your collaboration with Natalie Prass had on your music, would you collaborate again with another artist, and if so, who?

Of course, Frank Ocean.

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