Tramlines 2016: Allusondrugs @ The Frog & Parrot

Review of Allusondrugs’ Tramlines slot at The Frog & Parrot on Friday.

Five of the most animated, high-energy musicians wildly swinging their instruments around in an insanely hot, overcrowded Frog & Parrot – what could possibly go wrong? Well, not a lot as far as poppy Leeds grungers Allusondrugs are concerned.

After a career-changing 18 month period for the five-piece – during which came tour support slots for Marmozets and Enter Shikari – this sweaty, low-key show will likely go down as a fondly-remembered piece of Tramlines folklore. Frontman Jason Moules writhes and spasms around the mic stand like a man possessed. Though with the band on this form, he is only as impressive as his fellow bandmates. Which really is saying something. ‘I’m Your Man’ is greeted with the kind of rapturous, feverish elation only possible in such an intimate venue; while new cut ‘Good People’ gets the most eager members of the band’s Sheffield fan base bouncing like a set of epileptic pogo sticks. ‘Am I Weird?’ is an outrageously good, vicious barrage of alt-rock; and its delivery to these dozens of new ‘Drugs converts is nothing short of apocalyptic.

The Frog & Parrot might need to hire an interior designer on Monday – a decorater at the very least. For God’s sake, go and see this band before they’re selling out academies.

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