Tramlines 2016: Steel Trees

Review of Steel Trees’ Tramlines slot at The University Arms.

Gritty Dearne Valley stoner-rockers Steel Trees brought their warts and all brand of buzz saw rock to The University Arms’ Saturday bill – an impressive outdoor line-up arranged by the band themselves.

Even though the majority of a sizeable crowd were probably enduring their own personal hangover hells, it only took a couple of the band’s ear-splitting, infectious tunes to get the people moving. Helped in no small part by drummer Lee Sanderson’s fierce playing, as he watched the chaos unfold in front of him with a slightly unsettling grin. ‘Radiation Man’ sees frontman Tom Hannon channeling more John Lydon than he probably realises, as he spews each lyric from the depths of his throat. It could be said that the three-piece’s live show might benefit from additional interaction with each other, but having witnessed the gloriously demented wall of noise that is ‘Attack of the Stoner Zombie Killer Kids’, it’s a minor criticism that is soon forgotten. Latest single ‘Womb Raider’ is saved for last, and the punk-infused sonic assault that follows is utterly badass – particularly the series of mini encores, and Sanderson’s best attempts at puncturing an extremely resilient bass drum skin. Mission accomplished.

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