The Carnabys @ Picture House Social

Most reviews you’ll read of The Carnabys tend to use the same word time and time again – ‘explosive’.

From their opening track to their big hitter ‘Peaches and Bleach’, the band were in no way affected by the small crowd and performed like the entire steel city was there. You can add electric to explosive.

Intoxicating from the first moment, every member of the audience wanted to dance, shout and scream but, like the sheep we are, wouldn’t start until they saw someone else go at it. Jack Mercer took the band’s theatrical energy levels sky-high as his impressively deep and smoky vocals entranced the venue. He crooned out songs steeped in cheeky humour and clever metaphor combined into a superb musical fusion from the whole group.

Other indie outfits often have these obvious leanings to certain big bands, like a vestigial Alex Turner cooing sweet nothings into their inspiration pool, though it’s clear that The Carnaby’s inspiration comes not only from other indie rock bands but also ska, motown and punk. I think it’s this unique fusion of the feel of northern soul, with their punk energy and indie attitude that will make this band stand out above others. Not to mention being a deserved hit in the north where that kind of blend is exactly what the live scene has been fumbling around in the dark looking for years now.

In short: this is a band to keep an eye on, a band to get a group of mates and go see if they come near your town. They are young, cool and really extremely talented live performers putting out a great live show. Don’t miss them.

They are explosive.

Words: Akco


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