Interview: April Towers

Synth-pop duo April Towers channel the likes of Hot Chip and LCD Soundsystem in creating carefully crafted pop gems. The band had a busy 2015 landing on BBC Radio 1 playlists, having their single featured on FIFA 16 and releasing their own brand of beer. Decent.

Exposed grabbed them ahead of their gig at Picture House Social to talk about recent exploits and what the future holds.

So, April Towers, what are your highlights of 2015?

There are so many to name – be it playing our first show in Ibiza, the Radio 1 Playlist entry, getting on FIFA or even releasing our own beer; last year was full of great moments culminating in a sold-out headline show at the Rescue Rooms in Nottingham.

Nice. Let’s talk about your beer. If you could use 5 words to describe it and then another 5 words to persuade people to drink it, what would they be?

Hoppy, Refreshing, Smooth, Lethal, Hangover; and then to persuade people I would probably say ‘Excuse To Go To Pub!’

Tell us a bit about your live shows.

Expect a fun, vibrant performance that has a mix of upbeat and more melancholic songs. Basically, we want people to leave an April Towers show knowing that they’ve had a great time. Its definitely a positive atmosphere.

You’re coming to Sheffield on the 24th of March. You guys been up this neck of the woods before?

In our old band we spent a lot of time in Sheffield recording at 2Fly with the legendary Alan Smyth [Pulp, Arctic Monkeys], so we know the city very well! As April Towers we played Tramlines Festival at Bungalows and Bears in 2014, a quality venue. We are really excited to return!

Being a duo, tell us about the atmosphere that you create on stage.

For our gigs we bring our live drummer John on the road with us, and the drums add a whole different dynamic to our performance and certainly bring out the more vibrant elements of our music. We also throw some serious shapes.

Looking forward to seeing them. Your single, Modern Psyche, came out towards the end of last year. How has the reaction been?

It’s been great, a very positive reaction! It’s always been a song that people enjoy live and you can expect to hear it in Sheffield when we play.

Now for the serious stuff. Would you rather have constant hiccups or sneeze every 10 minutes for a year? Please explain your choice.

Good question. I think on a personal level the hiccups would be less embarrassing: you can contain the noise of a hiccup, whereas a sneeze can cause disruption on so many levels. And if you’re always sneezing, people around you would be constantly worried about getting ill. It’s a horrible dilemma. We would probably become social outcasts with either of those problems.

Finally, in 5 alliterated words tell us what your dream 2016 would involve:

Touring, Tetley’s, Telecasters, Tennis, Towers (T is a hard word to alliterate, haha).

April Towers play Picture House Social on March 24th. Tickets can be purchased here

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