Raging Speedhorn @ Corporation

Gigs on a Sunday night are always a funny one. I find it’s best if they absolutely twat you round the head to compensate for any cobwebs from the previous two nights, so I was in luck here.

Mastiff from Hull are about as stripped back as you can get – huge sludge riffs that lean towards the hardcore end of the spectrum got the crowd going from the off. I especially enjoyed the bassist’s effort to deadlift one of the on-stage monitors. Not sure the venue did though…

Southern-fried Manc stoners Ten Foot Wizard were up next. Their drummer plays like a Stretch Armstrong toy and they skip from one sub-genre to the next with reckless abandon. Song titles like ‘Turbodick’ and instrumental additions such as megaphone and theremin mean your body is constantly torn between rocking out or belly-laughing – always a good time with these guys.

The headliners, Raging Speedhorn, are one of the UK’s original sludge bands, and they reformed recently with plans to release a new album soon. Their songs aren’t particularly inventive, but it doesn’t really matter because with two dedicated vocalists they bring the aggression and power of a freight train crashing through your living room. All in all, a great Sunday night gig – consider my head well and truly twatted.

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