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Krept & Konan @ Plug

Since they released their cover of Jay-Z and Kanye West’s ‘Otis’, going viral and amassing over 5 million views in five days back in 2011, Krept & Konan have have blown up across the globe and it was no surprise the first leg of their ‘Long Way Home’ tour at Sheffield’s Plug was sold out well in advance.

With the capacity reached from the start, the support acts had a lively and full crowd to entertain and did so with ease. Performing explosive sets, they got the audience in party mood, highlights including a fiery set from the talented young MC, Yungen and Doctor Cosmic spinning hip-hop favourites on the decks between sets.

After the support there was a long wait and the crowd were expectant of something special. This was delivered and more when the impressive set was revealed. Complete with a replica tube train carriage, benches out in front and a tube sign reading ‘Play Dirty’ it was clear that Krept & Konan would be bringing London with them on their tour.

The London duo dominated the stage, commanding the audience and utilising all the great stage set up throughout the show. From the tube carriage doors opening to reveal scantily-clad dancers to the benches being used by the artists for sombre songs such as ‘My Story’, the whole performance was clearly well thought out.

The enthusiastic duo had the crowd in the palm of their hands from the outset and the roof popped off for hits such as ‘Do It For The Gang’, ‘Freak of The Week’ and most wildly received ‘Don’t Waste My Time’. They ensured it wasn’t all just about playing songs on the night and kept the crowd entertained with anecdotes about how teachers didn’t believe in their music. The duo also connected with the audience on a personal level, thanking them for their part in their rise to success from homelessness to sold out tours, ensuring the crowd knew of the role they played.

With an impressive stage set up, countless hits and one ridiculously big mosh pit, it seems like it will be a special tour, and lucky for us, Sheffield were able to see it first.

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