YARDIE Preview Screening and Streamed Q+A with Idris Elba at Showroom Cinema

Critically acclaimed actor Idris Elba has turned his talents towards film-making in his directorial debut ‘YARDIE’ – a film adaptation of Victor Headley’s cult-hit novel published in 1992.

On Thursday 23 August, Showroom Cinema will be presenting a live preview of ‘YARDIE’ and offer the audience an opportunity to view an accompanying streamed Q+A with its director, describing his first foray into the key roles behind the camera. The film depicts the violent coming-of-age story of the novel’s main character ‘D’ in ‘70s Kingston and ‘80s Hackney who, attempting to recover from the murder of his elder brother at a young age, is thrust into a life of crime in East London before coming face-to-face with the man who shot his brother a decade earlier.


Elba has expressed his excitement for the film’s release; “When the opportunity arose to make it into a film, I was first in line with my arm fully stretched. The script had all the attractive qualities of a genre movie and then some, but it lacked something that I knew I could bring to life in a unique way, in a way that was driven by my own experiences as a young BWOY growing up in East London. Directing YARDIE has definitely changed the trajectory of my career.”

The showing takes place at 18:00 on Thursday 23 August at Showroom Cinema.

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