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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Tina Fey plays a wartime journalist acclimatising to her time in Afghanistan, finding fulfilment in the most unlikely of scenarios. It’s a funny, sometimes jarring mix of seriousness and brazen comedy, with as many misses as hits. ‘WTF’ is at its best when focussing on the quirks of the normal people thrown into abnormal circumstances, discovered in the more personable moments, in particular the burgeoning relationship between Fey and Freeman’s characters. Fey’s performance brings a warmth and humanity, conflicting with her dispassionate journalistic eye on the horrors around her. At its worst, the film loses sight of the conflict she is thrown into, instead focussing on the narcissism of its central character, missing the opportunity for more thoughtful and meaningful satire (indeed, at times the film skirts perilously close to a form of Islamophobia). A fine film, but perhaps a missed opportunity to delve deeper into a fascinating culture and conflict.


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