What we know about the Wonder Woman movie

DC Comics recently unveiled plenty of exciting details about how they’re planning to extend their comic book universe with a Wonder Woman movie.

The Wonder Woman movie will be released by Warner Bros and will feature Gal Gadot as the Amazonian princess Diana who learns about the horrors of World War I and becomes Wonder Woman in a bid to save humanity.

Gadot shot to fame in the Fast & Furious franchise, but was swiftly picked up by Warner Bros to portray Wonder Woman as they sought to make DC Comics a huge multimedia corporation operating in everything from movies to theme parks and casino games.

Gadot has already featured as the Wonder Woman character in the pretty disappointing Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice movie; so hopes are high that director Patty Jenkins can use her experience of directing serious movies and TV shows like Monster and The Killing to add a touch of heavyweight class to the DC Comics franchise.

Ever since Wonder Woman first arrived in comic books in 1941, she’s become an ambassador for female superheroes in this male-dominated arena. Although Wonder Woman has appeared in plenty of TV shows and even made an appearance in the DC slots game alongside the poker bonus that you can find at Betsafe, she’s amazingly never had her own movie release.

This is why expectations are already reaching fever pitch in anticipation of the movie’s release in June 2017. As would be expected, there’s already been a good deal of speculation about Wonder Woman’s costume, but this is not unusual in the world of comic book movies.

Above all, it’s hoped that the Wonder Woman will be able to present the first strong female comic book character in the modern era and encourage many other women to star in these action blockbusters.

There’s already been rumours that Scarlett Johansson will feature in the first Black Widow movie from the Avengers series, and with Alicia Vikander set to star in the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot, it looks like future comic-book movie adaptations will at least try to be a little more gender-neutral.

And with the inevitable merchandising spin-offs from toy figures to online casino games, it’s hoped that Wonder Woman will soon become as famous as the likes of her DC Comics co-stars Batman and Superman.

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