The November Man – Review

With a slick marketing campaign and Pierce Brosnan back in the genre to which he so clearly belongs, it’s sad that The November Man fails to become the Neesonesque action thriller it’s star so clearly needs.

It’s almost immediately apparent that Brosnan is better than the material, as his former CIA agent is brought out of retirement to face off against his estranged former-protege – a startlingly blank Luke Bracey. What starts out as spy-vs-spy however soon graduates into the all-too-familiar, as Brosnan’s Peter Devereaux becomes involved in a conspiracy surrounding war in Chechnya and a mysterious woman (Kurylenko), who may hold the answers.

In it’s first half, The November Man is disposable enough action-conspiracy nonsense; when it tries to be complex however, things quickly fall apart and even Roger Donaldson’s taut direction struggles to hold things together.

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In it
Pierce Brosnan, Luke Bracey, Olga Kurylenko
Behind it
Roger Donaldson

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