The Newest Comic Book Heroes To Hit Our Screens

The world is getting nerdier as time passes. Classic comic book heroes are the base of some of the biggest movie franchises in recent times, like Batman and Spider-Man. This should mean that there is a fertile ground for some new superheroes to enter the equation.

But with many franchises recycling comic book themes with new twists, it can be tricky for a newcomer to find a receptive audience. Recently we’ve seen superheroes popping up in all manner of unexpected places. Many brands have even started to introduce their superheroes as their brand advocates. These brands have their brand protectors that serve the needs of their customers.

We all know about the caped crusader behind the Mr Muscle hard-surface cleaner – a cleaning hero for your home. And companies like Takeda Pharmaceuticals used a comic book hero to educate the public about inflammatory bowel disorder, where they saw the drug as the hero. The superhero theme has been an essential part of the iGaming industry too, where some online casinos have introduced their very own superheroes. For example, if you head to Rizk online casino, their Captain Rizk welcomes you with a bonus and instantly makes you feel that you will easily find your way around the site. It looks like many different brands are using the richness to this type of kind of storytelling that transcends cultures and time.

So who are the best comic book heroes to hit the mainstream over the past decade?

Moon Girl

Marvel has been busy giving us lots of upgrades of pre-existing characters like The Totally Awesome Hulk, The Unworthy Thor and even the Infamous Iron Man. But they also found time to create a few fresh new characters, and Moon Girl is the pick of the bunch.

She first appeared at the end of 2015, and the nine-year-old girl is supposedly the smartest being in the entire Marvel Universe. It’s a revamp of the Moon-Boy and Devil Dinosaur duo that sprung up in the late 1970s. After Moon-Boy was killed off, Devil Dinosaur hooked up with Lunella Lafayette who turned out to have the special powers necessary to become Moon Girl.

The duo has already proven to be a phenomenal pair as they combine brain and brawn to devastating effect. While there are plenty of Marvel geniuses like Tony Stark and Doctor Doom in the Marvel realm, it seems that Moon Girl’s excellent use of gadgets could be the wild card up her sleeve.


Not to be outdone, DC Comics have been working hard to diversify the roster of their superhero talent. You’ll probably know all about the latest additions to the Shazam Family, but we think that Bunker could be DC’s most interesting new hero.

Bunker burst onto the scene in Teen Titans in 2011. His superpowers include being able to make energy constructs out of thin air. This means that he fights opponents with anything from suddenly-appearing walls to a barrage of purple bricks.

But it’s the fact that Bunker is a gay Mexican teenager that has attracted the highest amount of attention. What’s remarkable is that this is made a widely accepted fact among his community, and it shows how far comic books have come in recent years. Plus the fact that Bunker has a high line in wit also makes him an essential new comic book hero.

All Might

Japan has a legendary comic book heritage, and it seems that the nation has outdone the US with their latest creation – All Might. This larger than life superhero takes all of the heroic exploits of comic book stars like Superman and Captain America and turns them up to 1,000.

All Might is the star of the My Hero Academia world. His relentless positivity and fun-loving nature have quickly marked him out as being one of the brightest things to hit the comic book domain in years.

Key features include his One For All power that is transferable in the way that it stockpiles energy to be passed on for the forces of good in future generations. But it’s the fact that All Might channels the best of the corny All-American superhero that’s such a breath of fresh air. While many comic book characters are trying their best to be as gloomy and misunderstood as possible, All Might gives us a good dose of much-needed fun.

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