Which superhero will come out on top in 2016?


It’s a battle of the superheroes this year, as Marvel and DC throw their most beloved characters into the mix with civil wars, suicide squads and the very cheeky Deadpool all competing for a top spot in the ratings.

But who will win? Who will emerge triumphant in their battle to be the best superhero? Who will bring in the most money for the film producers as they all aspire for the Star Wars-like profits Disney achieved last year?

Third place

Mystique aka Raven

X-Men Apocalypse is shaping up to be a hugely climatic installment in Marvel’s latest take on the franchise and this film actually appears to be Mystique-centred. While many might not consider her a superhero, she’s a hero for her own kind and a villain to anyone who opposes mutants.

She appears to be at the forefront of X-Men Apocalypse, going after the four horsemen to stop them from creating chaos and ultimately destroying the world, which means she has every chance of coming out on top in 2016 and climbing up the ranks to join the big boys.

Second place

Wonder Woman

Finally! DC have given us what we wanted all along – Wonder Woman. The fearsome Amazonian will feature in the long awaited Batman V Superman movie and is getting her own film soon around her back story. Although dates for release are yet to be confirmed, there is a teaser trailer to whet the appetite.

So, why is Wonder Woman in second place? Well, she’s one of very few female superheroes to enjoy a place in the spotlight amongst the male dominated movies being released year after year and, from what we’ve seen of her from the Batman V Superman clips so far, she can definitely hold her own.



While he might not be a superhero exactly – more of an anti-hero really – Deadpool wins due to his wit, skills with a gun and his attitude problem. He’s a refreshing change from the usual Marvel superhero. There is going to be a lot more blood, swearing and comebacks, delivered with the finesse and sarcasm only Ryan Reynolds could ever achieve. In fact, the film has been banned in China, which means it’s probably going to be a gruesome but fun watch.

Bonus round:


With Channing Tatum confirmed as the womanising, card-throwing mutant and Fox taking on the task of telling the story of this fan favourite (we all saw what it recently did with the Fantastic Four) people might feel a little apprehensive about the Gambit film, due to be released later this year. But, while there’s been no teaser trailer yet, the character itself is worthy of a return, especially if you recall the 90s cartoon many of us enjoyed as kids (and if you can get that image of Tatum in an Elsa dress out of your head first).

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