Suicide Squad 2 Finally Has a Release Date

In 2016 James Gunn surprised the whole world when he released one of the most successful movies in the DC Extended Universe titled; The Suicide Squad. Despite gathering a ton of bad reviews from critics across the globe, the movie ended up becoming a box office success grossing $746.8 million against $175 million, which was the total production cost. The numbers placed Suicide Squad third on the list of DCEU highest-grossing movies of all time.

The only movies above the instalment are Batman Vs Superman and Wonder Woman, which had a box office gross of $873 million and $821 million consecutively. Nevertheless, the first instalments’ success was influential, and its impact is still felt to date. In fact, the Suicide Squad inspired the creation of the Suicide Squad video slot, which can be played at 888 Casino, one of the most trustworthy casinos, according to It is also why gaming buffs are awaiting the Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League video game scheduled to launch in 2022.

But that is not all; Suicide Squad now has a sequel called Suicide Squad 2. The writing of the movie began in 2018 by James Gunn, who is also the director. By early 2019, the film got given the title: The Suicide Squad, which the production company considers more relaunch than a sequel. The government sends an elite team of dangerous supervillains with sophisticated weapons in a search and destroy mission in the movie. The drama is expected to be epic, and what follows next will be known on 6th August 2021, which is the release date for the film. The Suicide Squad is expected to be bigger, better, and, if possible, more successful compared to the first instalment. It is also expected to top the four-hour Snyder Cut, a film by director Zach Snyder.

The second instalment features characters like Harley Quinn, Bloodsport, Peacemaker, and Captain Boomerang, among many others, with music by John Murphy. Suicide Squad fans should also expect new faces like Idris Elba with voiceovers from legendary actors like Sylvester Stallone. According to The Suicide Squad image that surfaced recently, a task force of the elite team of supervillains is seen arriving on an unknown beach. The preview has sparked interest among fans, with many waiting for the release of the relaunch.

So far, the blend of characters is perfect, and so is the complete cast. Sadly, famous actors like Will Smith will not be making an appearance this time. His input in the first instalment was massive, and so his absence may or may not impact the success of the film. On 30th June 2021, a theatrical release will happen in the UK. After that, on 6th August, Americans will have their first glimpse of The Suicide Squad movie.


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