Slot Games Based On the Best Comedy Movies

Everybody enjoys comedy, and that is why comedy movies make the highest revenues at the box office, as they offer the world the humor and entertainment they lack in their daily hustle and bustle. Slots have become a staple of we enjoy games online and it’s not just casinos who offer them but some of the top, mobile-optimised bingo platforms too!

Just as it is traditional for slot developers to pounce on any popular trend, everybody expects them to model some of their slots after comedy movies, with similar themes, storylines, and characters. Similar to what they do with the popular TV series across the world, these slots are themed after the most popular comedy movies ever made.

It is not debatable that people have different preferences in life. Below, we have lined up the most preferable comedy films based slots here. Both those who have seen the movies and those who have not will find the slot games interesting.

The Goonies

This comedy movie was released in 1985, and it did not take it long to garner a fanatical type of followership. The comedy movie is all about a set of local kids that eventually formed a group and saved their home from being demolished by a wrecking ball. The movie later took a new turn where the kids started hunting for long lost treasures, and all these were embedded in comedy movies. Many people still have good-time enjoying the movie, and some are taken down memory lane whenever they see it.

Following the way the movie was loved across the globe, Blueprint Gaming took up the difficult task of coming up with a slot of the same theme. This comes with 5 reels and 20 pay-lines. Its RTP is on the high side, and there is a huge paying progressive jackpot. It’s an outstanding example of such slot adaptations, as it comes with many other unique features.


In the movie Ted, Mark Wahlberg was always deceived by the teddy bear with foul mouth and loose-living. This is seen as a complete comedy film because it incorporates elements of the family, childhood, and adulthood. So, it’s a complete life circle movie spiced with comedy.  The movie was so popular and loved by the people that many sequels of it have been made. That’s because people can’t get enough of the classic humor, the storyline, and the characters.

The online slot game is from Blueprint Gaming and they are known for their excellence when it comes to crafting slot games. Here, many types of bonuses are made available, with many other extra features. The characters from the movie are the symbols here, and players can land up to 500x coins in the jackpot of the base game. The RTP here is an amazing 95.81%, making it high paying even when it entertains people with a lot of laughs. If you cherished the film, the slot game shouldn’t pass you by, because it pays well too.

The Naked Gun

The Naked Gun is an example of the fact that comedy films are not only about humor. Here, Leslie Nielsen did his best, and because of that, many people are still enjoying the Naked Gun and others in the series after 30 years. Here, we are given a crime caper where comedy is involved all the way. Whenever you need some good laugh, this movie will be at hand to help you out. So, the slot is expected to be the same.

The developer brought in a lot of features to achieve this. There are free spins, progressive jackpots, and roaming wild symbols. Even when the comedy element of the film is not well captured, other features of the game will still get you glued to your screen. The base game has 500x coins to be won, and it has an RTP of 93.57%, which makes it low paying.

Count Duckula

Many people who were kids around the 1980s and 1990s would remember a lot about the Count Duckula movie. This was the comedy-horror animation movie of choice for kids at that time. Many parents also fell in love with it to the extent that it is still a popular movie among kids and adults of that period. Count Duckula gave people enough to enjoy and laugh about.

The slot game that comes after this is also about the main idea of the movie and all the characters that were found in it, making a very strong connection with those that cherished the comedy movie then. It’s a high paying slot and you can win 500x coins per spin. The features are the Wild of Fame bonus, Nanny Colossal Wilds, Igor Mystery Position and Duckula Wilds. These are all incorporated to give it the Count Duckula feel and to produce maximum fun for the players.

These represent our best comedy movie-inspired slots, even though there are many of them out there. The slots are full of fun and will make you nostalgic if you ever enjoyed those movies.

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