REVIEW: Luna Cinema

Open air cinema specialists Luna Cinema brought two classics to Sheffield Amphitheatre last weekend, here’s what went down.

Pretty Woman and The Greatest Showman were announced as the line up for this year’s screenings behind Sheffield train station and it was a hard choosing between the two. On one hand you have a worldwide musical sensation, and on the other you have an absolute 1990’s classic. The decision of Pretty Woman was made based on the weather and the fact that the date fell on my friend’s birthday and what better way to celebrate than a night of film, food, friends and fizz eh?

I had been to the previous year’s showing of Grease so I already had an idea of what to expect. The film was set to start at 8pm so we arrived at 7:30pm and a large crowd of film fanatics had already accumulated. People were armed with picnic hampers, duvets and fluffy socks – the full works! We got there with just enough time to have a quick browse of the food vendors and grab a drink.

The Luna Bar with Estrella Damm was onsite serving a full selection of alcoholic and soft drinks including Estrella beer, Prosecco, a selection of Casillero del Diablo wines, spirits, ciders and hot drinks. We had just come from a meal out but that didn’t stop me eyeing up the pots of boozy mac ‘n’ cheese provided by Fizz & Fromage. I made the sensible choice of a hot chocolate and popcorn instead before heading back to our seats for the film to start.

The sun was just beginning to set, making it the perfect backdrop for the huge screen as the city lights of Sheffield started to twinkle and the sky continuously morphed into beautiful shades of pink and blue. It wasn’t my first time watching Pretty Woman but it was just as enjoyable, if not more. The audience laughed, sang and even wolf whistled right through to the end and the atmosphere was exhilarating to say the least. The view combined with the ambience made it an experience like no other so I will definitely be back next year.

Check out Luna Cinema’s website here to find out more to and see what’s on.

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