Abbeydale Picture House Interior

Picture House Revival

Hand Of presents Picture House Revival, a festival of film in association with Warp Films, from July 18-19.

A celebration of the iconic Abbeydale Picture House, the PH Revival will screen films from the past and present – giving a nod to the history of the building, which served as a theatre and cinema from 1920-1975. Now with a new lease of life, the event will offer a weekend of entertainment whilst playing host to street food vendors, a locally brewed ale bar, popcorn, icecream and the return of a Sarsaparilla ‘Temperance Bar’.

We took a tour of the building and had a chat to Ismar Badzic and Louise Snape from Hand Of, who told us of their plans to transform the Picture House back to its former glory – including the reinstating of its 400 cinema seats…

The cinema itself is undoubtedly colossal and it’s not just the main room that’s impressive – the building has a number of twists, turns and backstage rooms (we even got a sneak preview of the view from the top of the tower).

Picture House Tower Picture House View

Whilst a full restoration looks unlikely (and hugely expensive) at present, the building itself is sound, and there is plenty of scope for events of this kind.

Louise Snape said: “We’re very excited, and really looking forward to getting a bit of a carnivalesque atmosphere back into the building. It’s all about getting people back into the venue, which has so much potential – we’re hoping it might kick-start a few more slick, large-scale events, making the most out of the Picture House as a community space.”

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for full details, including – we were promised – some exciting special additions and surprises…

Abbeydale Picture House


Saturday 18th July
Picture House Present: Local films made after 1975 Rating: 15
12noon – 11pm
Afternoon Feature:
Brassed Off (1996)
Directed by Mark Harman
A bittersweet comedy about a Yorkshire mining town turning to music for
inspiration when faced with the loss of its way of life.
Evening Feature:
Four Lions (2010)
Directed by Chris Morris
Five inept terrorists on their quest to strike a blow demonstrate that terrorism
may be about ideology but it can also be about idiots.
+ Short films throughout the day.

Sunday 19th July
Picture House Past: 35mm projection of 20s and 30s films | Rating: PG | Kids
under 5 go free | 12noon – 10pm
Afternoon Feature
The Call of the Road (1920)
Directed by A.E. Coleby
Silent film with live music
A disowned nobleman fights to re-earn the respect of his friends and family,
saving his rich uncle from a conniving highwayman, and finding love along
the way.
Evening Feature
Laurel & Hardy A Chump at Oxford (1940)
Directed by Alfred J. Goulding
As a reward for capturing a bank robber, Stan and Ollie are awarded a
scholarship to the University of Oxford, but they’re met with quite some
resentment from the other students.
+ Short films throughout the day.

 Tickets are available through or via the event website
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