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Our Kind of Traitor

With the recent success of The Night Manager on TV, as well as 2011’s Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, writer John le Carre’s brand of super stylish spy thriller is hot property. Ewan McGregor is a professor of poetry drawn in to helping a Russian mobster defect with important information that both the British Secret Service and Russian Mafia are keen to get hold of. It’s a solid spy thriller, but whereas ‘Tinker Tailor’ sizzled with a tense energy – the shadows themselves seemingly part of the plot – Our Kind of Traitor feels sterile, content to hang around ‘intriguing’ rather than rising to become truly thrilling. The cast do a sterling job of bringing it to life, but the pace is just too lethargic and the thrills too sparing to make much of a lasting impact.


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