Open-Scare Cinema: Exposed attends Village Screen’s Halloween special

Unfortunately, once your mid-twenties are surpassed, there aren’t too many options for fun on Halloween night. Not ones which don’t involve a visit to the pub, anyway.

Thankfully, this year something cropped up which grabbed Exposed’s eye and offered an alternative to hiding away from trick or treaters in the local. Outdoor cinema specialists Village Screen were bringing one of their pop-up events to Kenwood Hall, and the evening showing was none other than Stanley Kubrick’s formidable masterpiece The Shining – a film about the supernatural goings-on inside an old hotel, to be screened on the spookiest night of the year… in the grounds of an old hotel. *Gulp*.

Despite such forbidding settings, the atmosphere was light-hearted and convivial as we arrived. A selection of food vendors featuring Peddler Market favourites Pinch N Pull and local dough experts Proove Pizza were gathered at the entrance to the grounds, while a local folk band entertained the crowd – many of whom had arrived decked in some impressive fancy dress efforts – with a few RnB and hip-hop covers.

The drink options were plentiful too, with the hotel’s indoor bar open and a Thornbridge Brewery bar outside, the latter of which we visited for a pre-film Jaipur to warm the cockles. After finishing our food, we grabbed good seats (third row back) and sank into immensely cosy deckchairs, whipped out the blankets – which were very much a necessity – and settled down to wait for the opening credits on the big screen. There wasn’t a spare seat in sight and the atmosphere, enhanced by impressive multi-coloured lighting in the trees, was set up nicely for us to enjoy one of the finest horror films in history. And despite the lack of feeling in our toes towards the end of the night, it certainly didn’t disappoint.

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