It’s Magic at the Picture House!

Picture House Social and Magic Lantern Film Club have been awarded the BFI Neighbourhood cinema fund. The old picture house on Abbeydale Road, disused for years, has been given a new lease of life in the past year, as the team at Picture House Social have turned part of the cinema into one of the best bars in the city, serving top notch pizza and cocktails to the people of Sheffield, alongside hosting gigs from up-and-coming bands and eclectic film screenings in partnership with Magic Lantern.
While Magic Lantern and Picture House Social have been collaborating for some time now, the fund will make the relationship more permanent. In tribute to the collaboration which has brought on the neighbourhood cinema fun, the new mini-cinema will be called the Magic Lantern Cinema.
The fund provides for brand new equipment, allowing the old cinema to see a new lease of life as Magic Lantern and Picture House Social continue to develop a fine neighbourhood cinema. A new cinema program is yet to be announced, but expect an eclectic mix of intriguing classics coming to the Magic Lantern Cinema soon.

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