Into The Woods – Review

There’s something fitting about Into The Woods being adapted from a stage musical by Stephen Sondheim; for – like the last Sondheim adaptation, Sweeney Todd – Into The Woods seems to have been strategically marketed to show it to be literally anything other than a musical. But a musical it is. And not a great one.

A crossover of classic fairytale characters into one shared adventure, Into The Woods centres largely around James Corden’s Baker, who sets out on a quest to lift a curse that has kept him from fathering a child. Immediately surprising with his vocal talents, Corden is quite at home with goings on; with a supporting cast (particularly Kendrick) equally game.

Marshall’s direction is fairly deft and the musical numbers hit home suitably enough, however some staggering pacing issues and an incredibly misjudged third act ensure audiences will care very little about a happily ever after.

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In it
James Corden, Emily Blunt, Meryl Streep
Behind it
Rob Marshall

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