Horns – Review

Hugely anticipated, Alexandre Aja’s adaptation of Joe Hill’s cult-fave novel is a sublime mixture of dark fantasy, murky drama and black humour. Radcliffe plays Ig, a twenty-something who finds himself a pariah after being falsely accused of his girlfriend’s murder and awakens one morning to discover a pair of demonic horns sprouting from his temples.

A startlingly atmospheric piece, bolstered by a great cast, a highly effective soundtrack and a chilling score by Robin Coudert; there’s something for everyone in Horns, a film which finally elevates its star above his former type-casting.

Solidly performed and with fantastical direction by Aja, Horns works as a contemporary (and less violent) take on the likes of The Crow. With massive cult appeal, some fantastic dialogue and a terrifically game lead in Daniel Radcliffe, there’s a lot of smirking fun to be had.

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In it
Daniel Radcliffe, Juno Temple, Clancy Brown
Behind it
Alexandre Aja

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