Here’s why Logan is so much more than just a modern superhero movie

‘Logan’, the final spin-off chapter of the Wolverine saga, has been released and is gaining a standing ovation from viewers and critics worldwide. The opening weekend box office was a success, having brought in $88.3 million domestically alone and $240.8 million globally.

With the support of the studio, director James Mangold, his co-writers Scott Frank and Michael Green and their creative team did not hold back for ‘Logan’. The movie is set in 2029, the Wolverine is old and dying, the mutants have somehow been wiped out, and mayhem ensues for the two and half hours. If you have not seen it yet or just want to watch it again, Logan is currently available on CHILI, a new streaming platform. ‘Logan’ has gained praise as being not only the best superhero movie to date, but also as so much more than that.

‘Logan’ went beyond the standard superhero movie, combining parts of a Western film influence while staying true to the action and superhero saga. The darker territory of comics has more common than not been left out of the theatre. ‘Deadpool’ was a standout and one of the first superhero movies that showed the envelope (and PG-13 rating) could be pushed and still pull in high numbers at the box office. ‘Logan’ was very well deserving of its rated-R title, with threats of heads rolling and the cameras being present for the follow-through. Wolverine is not a gentle creature, but gritty, brutal and rated-R when you see those claws make their appearance. Most superhero movies follow the pattern of the superhero learning about their powers, fighting some evil character, then happily ever after with the focus on the superhero’s powers throughout the movie. But with ‘Logan’, the Wolverine doesn’t always come out on top and it is more about him dealing with the self-hatred he has because of his powers and figuring out how to be a man regardless of them. Along with the violence you see, you also see a man fighting for something more. You see the Wolverine looking to find meaning, displaying significant instances of self-sacrifice, feeling the push and pull of ‘duty’, and learning how to adjust when need be. ‘Logan’ also doesn’t pull the classic superhero move of being left hanging at the end of a movie with the hint of a future instalment. Critics are often quoted stating that Logan, despite this film standard, is a “real movie”.

Though the presence of life lessons may not be the first thing you’d expect from a superhero movie, there are so many weaved through Logan. The character depth is extremely well thought-out and beautifully performed. Logan had long faced the efforts of trying to be a man but fighting the animalistic side of himself since he was a child. A standout lesson on in the film is that he had to face his past and some awful things that he had done and own up to his mistakes. Instead of running from his past, he had to learn how to merge with it. Viewers see how fear and scepticism play off one another when Logan fears his enemy to the point of doubting proof that his daughter was a mutant. Logan can also teach you about the power of self-sacrifice, such as when the Wolverine went into battle for a group of genetically altered children (including his daughter) knowing that his own chances weren’t high. Because of the relationship with his daughter, we see that Logan didn’t understand what it meant to really love and to be loved. He finally understands about the power of love and connection at the end of movie when he refers to love of family stating, “So this is how it feels like…”. Throughout his story, Logan is continuously learning, something to always strive for in life. With as many experiences as he had and all he had been through, it is a reminder that there is always room for greater personal growth.

Out of all the films based off the Marvel Comics, Wolverine was not expected to be the one to branch out into new superhero territory. However, it has left countless viewers and critics stunned. Logan took us along on his journey and gave us a glimpse into the life of a superhero fighting all types of battles, including those against himself.

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