Gary Numan: Android in La La Land

This is an unfailingly intimate and loving depiction of a really nice guy, who found his meteoric rise to success and fame in the late seventies very hard to cope with. Four years ago he had pulled himself together enough to start work on a new album. At around the same time, film-makers Rob Alexander and Steve Read decided to make a documentary about him. They knew his story was interesting, but didn’t realise what they were about to uncover. This film is not a music documentary at all. The fact that the album he eventually produced was hailed as his best in 30 years became a side story when compared to the tale of Gary Numan, and his uber-fan Gemma, who became his wife. Gemma had always loved Gary. As she told her careers teacher at school, she didn’t need a job; one day she would marry Gary Numan. She somehow went from sitting in the front row of every gig he performed, to eventually realising her fantasy and being asked out by him on a date. They are now married and have three young daughters. The fact that this film was done on such a low budget, meant that there was no involvement from anyone else but the two film makers. They even lived with Gary and Gemma when they managed to get the money together to go to LA, where the entire family moved during the making of the film, because they had no money to stay anywhere else. Gary Numan himself is so open and honest as he talks about his mental health issues, falling out with his closest allies, his parents, and how the process of creating his latest album acted as some form of therapy in his fractured life of self-doubt and paranoia. It is the equal of any ‘rock-doc’ you care to mention, and deserves to be widely seen. If you miss its cinema screenings, make sure you catch the DVD.


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