Five of the funniest viral videos in 2015

Cyber attacks, trolling, Twitter mob mentality. Some corners of the internet were pretty grim places last year. Other areas were positively life-affirming, however. Countless you-had-to-be-there moments captured on smartphones and shared for others to get in on the joke. From road-raging egotists to latent, terrifying rubber toys, here are five of 2015’s most hilarious memes. What will 2016 bring?

Who is Ronnie Pickering?
Highway code infringements, questionable insurance claims, renowned angry Citroen Picasso drivers. Vehicle cameras capture it all, as moped rider Steve Middleton found out. With a GoPro camera mounted on his helmet, an audibly confused Steve recorded this explosive encounter with Ronnie Pickering. Who, you ask? Ronnie Pickering, the erstwhile amateur boxer known across Bransholme, Hull as ‘One-punch Ronnie’. Who? RONNIE PICKERING. “Turned out he’s just some bloke in a car,” a slightly underwhelmed Steve told the Mirror. But the world will ever remember the name Ronnie Pickering.

Racing for the chew-be
We’ve all been there. Racing for the last tube train home, you face a stark choice: drop the takeaway food and reach for the closing doors, or cling on to your sustenance and risk spending the night underground. For this New York rat, the situation was no different. Gamely, he tries to flip-flop his pizza slice down the subway steps, until at the last he decides to make a dash for the platform. Better to waste money on uneaten pizza than a cab fare home.

IKEA pun-ishment
After filming a trip to IKEA, Australian Simon Gilmore proved himself an admirable purveyor of rubbish furniture-based jokes. However, it was his girlfriend, Dana, who emerged as the star of the video. Maintaining an impeccable smile that almost never betrayed the inner torment she must have been feeling, her patience in the face of Simon’s puns was unwavering. “Dana, what did the guy say at the tiny horse race?” (Comic pause.) “Good luktnypon-y.” Not even a glimmer on Dana’s face.

Ball pool makeover
American YouTube personality Roman Atwood subjects his long-suffering family and friends to a range of practical jokes on camera, with the results being viewed about 1.1 billion times to date by about 8 million subscribers. While much of his output hinges on the reaction as the punchline, this particular video gets its traction from the idea itself: flooding his home with thousands of coloured plastic balls and diving in with his kids. The look on his wife’s face towards the end of the video doesn’t even matter – we’re all too busy looking up local ball pool suppliers and clearing the furniture out of the way.

The longest quack
Sometimes the funniest memes are the simplest. When Kevin Innes discovered a trolley full of dog toys in Norway, he did what any responsible adult would do. He pressed them. All of them, at once. Then he stuck the video on YouTube and brought the internet, giggling, to its knees. We should point out, however, that this isn’t really a duck army. They are clearly pelicans.

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