Film Review: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

A new Star Wars film may not appear to be the most risky proposition, but with the release of Rogue One, and the potential now for a film every year, Disney are really hoping that the $4 billion investment in the franchise will pay off! Rogue One is set immediately before the events of ‘A New Hope’ following the band of rebels’ efforts to steal the plans for the Death Star in order to destroy it. While the result is something of a foregone conclusion, credit goes to Director Gareth Edwards and team for pulling together an entirely new group of heroes who fit snuggly into the world that George Lucas created. Rogue One certainly isn’t top tier Star Wars, with saggy plotting, wordy introductions, and distracting CG effects. But, with big battles in space, weird alien worlds and inhabitants, and the Force still very much at work, it is still a rollicking good ride. Rogue One is a story worth telling, in a world worth revisiting.

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